About Us

Pawesome CBD is a part of the Cosset Wellness family of products. We decided that after seeing so much success in our award winning human line (Cosset Wellness) with doctors, patients, and customers, we wanted to formulate a special line for pets only. While most pet CBD companies just relabel their human oil as pet oil and raise the price, we consulted with veterinarians to create our new Pawesome line just for pets. Realizing our pets and yours come in many sizes and shapes we now offer 3 different strengths in our products.

After winning an award for our first pet product formulation at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards in 2020 under the Cosset name we decided to reformulate it and add various potencies for 2021 under the new product name Pawesome CBD. Our goal is to always provide the highest quality full spectrum cannabinoid pet products so you don’t ever have to worry if your pet is getting everything they need for true wellness.